Environmental commitment

In terms of production, SANMIRO was ahead of the curve, being the first company in the sector to create a truly GREEN product - its ECO+. We’re carrying out research and experiments across a number of areas to further improve our formulas and find new ones. We’ve marked out our path and we’ll continue to deliver new products.



Sanmiro, green by nature.

Today, customers are more and more attentive to sustainability of production processes. SANMIRO, a company specializing in the moulding of thermosetting materials and cooking accessories, was strongly committed to take on the long journey towards the PEFC certification.


Because Sanmiro takes great care of the environment, the future of forests and climate, a heritage we need to protect and preserve for future generations, now more than ever. Taking care of the source of raw materials can really make the difference. PEFC is the most widespread forest management system in terms of sustainability and is a further guarantee for producers and consumers.

Sustainable management of forests

The PEFC standard has been developed to allow forests to grow in the best conditions possible, removing the taller trees so that the smaller, growing ones can have more light and space. This makes it possible for trees to grow better, but also for the forests to be a favourable environment for the development of flora and fauna. The wood obtained thus acquires an added value on the market as it becomes a symbol of a healthy forest and a protected and harmonious environment.

Sanmiro has chosen to get certified for the PEFC Chain of Custody to recognise the right value of the selected raw material. The wood used in our factories comes from sustainably managed plantations, i.e. with reduced use of fertilisers and insecticides in order to protect the environment and workers' rights. PEFC certification provides our products the added value of the protection of ecosystems and a reduced impact on the environment. Anyone, from all over the world, can easily and definitely check the origin of the wood and its derivatives used by SANMIRO. PEFC is an international non-profit, non-governmental independent organization, which promotes, on a global level, sustainable forest management through independent third-party certification.

A forest is sustainably managed if:

  • the plants which are cut are never more than the growing ones
  • after being cut, the plants are replanted or helped to naturally regenerate
  • flora and fauna’s habitat is preserved, as all protecting functions usually performed by a forest on climate, soil and water

From wood to flour, also sawmills working woods are PEFC certified.

/ Sanmiro’s environmental agenda

Back in 2014 SANMIRO already felt an urge to be more environmentally responsible. Way ahead of the 2030 agenda, we consciously made a number of clear, specific choices in relation to reducing the environmental impact of company production. A new way of thinking and behaving to help protect the health of our planet.

/ Photovoltaic systems

Sanmiro has chosen to use two photovoltaic systems that can produce enough solar energy to provide at least 20% of all energy needs. Our business uses a large amount of energy (more than a million Kwh per year) so given this huge impact, it seemed the least we could do.

/ We are what we do

Certification and the commitment involved in maintaining this over the years are our hallmark features. We’ve got this far by pursuing objectives that target real, concrete sustainability. This is the essence of every choice we make. Along with our focus on looking after the planet, we also aim to continually improve in terms of safety.

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