Since 2004 the purest bakelite.
SANMIRO specialises in production of bakelite handles and cookware accessories. Investment, development and technological up-date have meant that SANMIRO has grown rapidly and become a leading international name in the cookware accessories sector.

The quality is in the detail.
By continually exploring how we can develop our technology, not just in terms of our production, we have been able to pursue another of our great passions - our love for the planet.



Reliability, sturdiness, style and customisation. These are the key concepts underlying all our products.  

From the raw material to the finished product. Every detail is made in SANMIRO.

At SANMIRO we visualise, design and create each stage of the process entirely in-house. All our lines are the result of years of research and experimentation, and most importantly they can be tailor-made to different requirements.



PURE BLACK is a solid, reliable and versatile line, suitable for any need.

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Really GREEN! Our ECO+ represents a bet won, a dream realized.

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Easy to fall in love with a product perfect synthesis of functionality and beauty.

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1/ total quality
2/ customisation
3/ support

Our R&D project design department uses next-generation technologies to create customised casts that can meet our customers’ requirements.

By joining forces with designers from Italy and around the world we are able to take on new challenges with real passion. We’re always striving to experiment and this can be seen in our innovative and out-of-the-box design.

Our production team is able to carry out quick prototype creation, with photopolymer casting of high-resolution 3D models.

Our packing and pallet-loading lines are automated with customised barcodes, branding and graphics.

We provide extensive, continued support across all stages of the job and consultation is provided in full compliance with the highest international and European standards.


Latest news

SANMIRO at Zuchex: "Turkey is our second home".

07 October 2021

"Technology was helpful, but we were thrilled to finally see our clients and suppliers face to face" , says with excitement Daniele Valsecchi , at the head of SANMIRO , back from Istanbul where last 16th September he took part to the 31st edition of Zuchex....
All the latest from SANMIRO. Visit us in Istanbul for a taste of what's to come. 

14 September 2021

We are ready for the 31st edition of Zuchex , the HOME & KITCHENWARES international trade fair. After two long years, we are excited to see our clients, suppliers and friends again! Of course we've managed to keep in touch with virtual events, but I'm sure...


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