Sanmiro: Italian excellence in cookware, taking over the world

SANMIRO products have been exported to over 35 countries. Over 70% of company revenue comes from exports. Over 25 million items are exported globally each year.
We’re bound to feel proud when we look at this data, which confirms that the strategies we’ve applied in recent years have been right.
We began to work on an international level a few years ago and we’ve seen some fantastic results since.

As always, what makes the difference (aside from our outstanding products) is the team of people and the service they are able to offer at all times. Ensuring we provide an efficient, punctual service to our international customers has also given us the opportunity to open an overseas site in Turkey, meaning SANMIRO can provide more services and a wider range of products to an increasingly more important pool of customers such as that in the Middle East and Africa. We see operating internationally as synonymous with research and innovation. In order to complete this process we need to continue to analyse the global market and develop new products that will appeal in different geographical areas and in different segments. We need to explore local cultures and develop our business team so that every request (wherever it comes from) may be processed quickly and efficiently.

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