Sanmiro among the 200 companies from all over the world selected for the Ambiente 2023 trade fair in Frankfurt

The end of 2022 brings with it some wonderful news for Sanmiro, which has been selected, along with other 200 international companies, to be part of the special section Ethical Style by Ambiente in the Ambiente trade fair, which will take place in Frankfurt from 3 to 7 February 2023. 

This recognition that does not come by chance: it is the result of a complex and painstaking process that, in the last few years, has led Sanmiro to obtain two of the most significant certifications in the field of sustainability: ISO 14001:2015 certification and PEFC certification.

Barbara Valsecchi and Daniele Valsecchi, at the helm of the family business, tell us more about it. Together with Federica Trezzi, from Sanmiro's Environment and Safety Department, they have set up a real team dedicated to a proper irreversible conversion process.

'Creating a deep and strong synergy between the commercial and environmental sectors - explains Daniele - was a shared choice at company level, which allowed us to focus more clearly on our objectives. The market, or rather a large part of it (Europe and the United States) demands precise information and, therefore, guarantees regarding production methods, quality of raw materials, and sustainability of products. A strong call to real ethics, which companies can no longer ignore if they want to be considered truly modern and innovative. In addition to more specific commercial aspects - adds Daniele - at the origin of our transformation there was also a strong desire to embark on a path of awareness and transparency. This was a complex and difficult path, but really ethical, as you can see in some of our products: ECO+ before, and RiceUP! after.'.

'Sanmiro's commitment on the environmental front - explains Federica Trezzi - has been very strong in recent years. Our first environmental certification came in 2021 and was recently renewed until October 2023. Then we obtained the PEFC certification, which our first green line, ECO+, also bears. In 2022 all our energies have been focused on RiceUP!, a patented line produced with rice waste. I can affirm that Sanmiro has shown that it is not only attentive to market needs, but that it is a company strongly committed to change and ready to evolve and innovate by embracing the principles of ethics and sustainability.'.

Certifications thus become an opportunity for corporate awareness.
Understanding the need for change from the point of view of, for example, energy self-sufficiency, waste disposal or its reuse involved not only Sanmiro's management, but all employees, who were given the opportunity to attend dedicated courses.

'We still have a long way to go - affirms Federica - and an accurate energy diagnosis will enable us to make further adjustments in the near future, so that our products become more sustainable from this point of view as well.'.
Sanmiro once again tells a very interesting chapter of its story, a story of innovation, research, development and experimentation, a story that is becoming increasingly green because it is supported by real facts.

'Sanmiro does what he says - Daniele concludes - sometimes it is not the easiest way, but for sure the most rewarding. I want to thank all our customers who walked with us along this path in 2022, certainly not an easy one, but nevertheless full of new stimuli and challenges.'.

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