Rice Up! We don’t like an easy win!

Having spent more than one year researching, experimenting, testing and constantly keeping up to date, all with that eye to detail for which we are known, a few weeks ago we officially launched our new line on the market.

“Rice UP!” by SANMIRO, as you may have guessed, is a line made with rice production waste.

Long ago, SANMIRO has started a solid journey towards innovation and change, aimed at a more sustainable approach.

This is a brave and responsible choice which on the one hand meets the demand of a market which is more and more attentive and demanding in terms of sustainability, and, on the other, helps building a strong and deep relationship between agriculture and industry.

A real revolution!

All waste coming from rice processing is given new life.

The key ingredient of SANMIRO’s new line, a 100% Made in Italy line based on the principle of circular economy, is waste material.   

This is a project we have had in the pipeline for long, backed by the huge success of our ECO+ line, produced using PEFC wood flour.

This success is what made us go ahead: we can’t but keep looking for something which is “good for the environment”.

Along this journey, made of ideas, discoveries and implementation of a real innovative product, the B-Corp RICEHOUSE, based in Biella, was a key partner for SANMIRO.

Born as a start-up in 2016, RICEHOUSE aims at having a positive impact on the society, promoting a responsible change.

Thanks the twenty-year experience of Architect Tiziana Monterisi, co-founder and CEO, and Alessio Colombo, geologist, co-founder and COO, RICEHOUSE has been the ideal partner for SANMIRO to reach its goal.

“We now know very well what we can do with rice production waste” says Alessio Colombo, co-founder of RICEHOUSE.

"We strongly believe in what we do and how we do it - he adds - and this is why we want to be a viable alternative to petrochemicals in many sectors besides the construction industry, which we have been involved in since our foundation. This project by SANMIRO fascinated and stimulated us right from the start because, beyond the product itself, it represented the beginning of a path, of a common journey towards change. SANMIRO has indeed shown great courage combined with an uncommon entrepreneurial vision. We immediately found a connection and we worked with great enthusiasm to prove that nature and technology can - and must - increasingly be a winning combination.”

Considering that the Italian rice supply chain represents 50% of the European one and that RICEHOUSE directly handles all processing waste, it is easy to see how the “Rice UP!” line is the perfect synthesis of circular economy principles.

Together with RICEHOUSE, another company, Intercom chemicals, SANMIRO's long-standing supplier, played an important role.

Now we are looking forward to receiving you feedback and comments on our new line.

We’d be glad to talk about it.

In the meanwhile, we’ll keep working hard, since we, at SANMIRO, don’t like an easy win!

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