In-house prototyping: Sanmiro's trump card

From support in the design phase of the product to its manufacture and supply, including all the testing steps carried out in our laboratory... every single step takes place in-house.

A choice that compensates for all the efforts and investments we have made over all these years, and that allows us to enjoy a number of competitive advantages that also benefit our customers by optimising time and costs.

Thanks to 3D modelling carried out in our workshop using a special, innovative printer, we ensure that an idea, whether our own or a customer's, becomes reality in a matter of hours, thus avoiding the time-consuming and costly creation of pilot moulds.

In a short time, therefore, we are able to see if the idea can work, stepping in just as quickly in case of problems or defects.

A prototype, realised thanks to three-dimensional modelling, also allows our customers to participate in trade fairs or meetings with potential buyers by presenting a solution that is perfectly in line - in terms of in shape, colouring and details - to what will then be the final product.
This service, which effectively eliminates any unnecessary financial exposure, is invaluable: if the prototype is successful and the feedback from the potential buyer is positive, it can go straight into production.

All 3D prototyping projects are checked by Sanmiro's technical department, in compliance with the UNI 12983 industry standard, a significant added value that completes our customer service offer, a truly all-round assistance.

If you would like to make a prototype for your cookware line, please contact us by filling in the form.

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