Environment and safety: for SANMIRO the future is now

The future is built day by day through brave and far-sighted choices.

And this is the choice made long ago by SANMIRO, which, with commitment, perseverance and acuity, has never stopped investing in sustainability and safety.

Tangible and targeted actions have enabled the company to achieve important goals over the years, both in terms of certifications and in terms of reliability and maximum transparency towards its customers.

Autumn is known to be harvest time, and for SANMIRO the time is ripe.
Federica Trezzi, Environment, Safety and Personnel Manager at SANMIRO, tells us about it.

Federica, what is new with regard to these two important topics?

First, we are happy to be able to say that our small and great achievements are genuine and certainly not the result of the so-called “green washing”. SANMIRO, therefore, does not only talk about it, but plans and implements concrete actions.
At the moment, for example, we are in the process of renewing PEFC and ISO 14001 certifications.
Two milestones that SANMIRO achieved through targeted investments, aimed at guaranteeing maximum protection for its customers.

Do you also invest internally? Through what actions?

Of course we do: it is important that the focus on sustainability becomes a real corporate culture.
Our most important resource is our employees and collaborators, and we can grow only thanks to them.
Once a year, at this time, we promote a refresher course on environmental issues for all our staff.
The topics addressed are many: from good practices to reduce waste to waste disposal (from the most common to industrial waste), from sharing production choices to future projects. Discussion, dialogue and transparency are essential in order for our employees to feel an active part of the company, because the spirit of belonging is not self-generated but patiently built through the direct involvement of those who, every day, contribute to the growth of our organization.
Every new employee - before being allowed to take part in this annual summit - receives a very detailed handout regarding the company's sustainability, safety and environmental policy.

And how do those in strategic roles keep up to date?

More than anyone else, our management must always be up-to-date.
A task that we at SANMIRO all fulfil with great interest.
For us, training is in fact a great opportunity that allows us to be always ready for the unpredictable changes in both regulations and the global market.
Regarding sustainability, the news and updates do not only concern the environmental aspect, but also health.
For example, SANMIRO's products are all POPs FREE (Persistent Organic Pollutants).

What does this mean?

It means that analyses performed on our resins have confirmed the total absence of those persistent toxic substances - POPs - that can seriously harm people's health.
We are more than happy to provide our customers with an update of the resin analysis at any time, to confirm the exact composition and thus the absence of toxic substances.

What's new for the near future?

We are planning a course to find an Energy Manager to deal with energy management in very broad terms. A figure with specific skills who is able not only to monitor, for example, energy self-sufficiency, but also to optimise production processes.

How is SANMIRO reacting to the great increases in energy costs that all companies have faced in recent years?

We have enjoyed the advantage of having made a number of investments in advance, which proved to be useful and, in view of recent price rises, providential. In fact, our two photovoltaic plants have allowed us to avoid great setbacks. In relation to energy optimisation, last month we also installed a new compressor that allows day/night pressure remodulation, an investment we decided to undertake following the energy diagnosis carried out in 2023.

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