Eco+ vs. RiceUP!: different products, same care for the environment!

Our unstoppable commitment and dedication in the research and production of cookware accessories with an innate green spirit is now well-known.

Eco+, a line of handles created from PEFC-certified wood flour from sustainably managed forests, and RiceUP!, a line made using rice processing waste, the husk, are the tangible sign of a far-sighted company choice, clearly appreciated by the market.

In fact, Eco+ and RiceUP! have now consolidated their position in the market: two completely different products with the same green spirit, guaranteeing the customer not only an ethical purchase, but also all the sturdiness, safety and reliability one would expect from a superior kitchen accessory. 

Eco+, the first handle with PEFC wood flour

We consider Eco+ our winning bet. We claim this because when we started to imagine a line made from wood flour and with natural colouring, many people called us crazy. Having successfully completed the project, and also obtaining the all-important PEFC certification and positive feedback from our clients, was the greatest satisfaction.

RiceUP!, from wood flour... to rice waste!

Eco+ was the first step of our green route. The new challenge started from the same goal: to make high-quality handles, doing good for our planet at the same time. The best way to do so was recovering what would instead have been discarded. Hence the idea of making, with the support of two key partners, RiceHouse and Intercom Chemicals, our accessories from husk, the waste product of rice.

Eco+ vs RiceUP!: green, but to what extent? 

To understand the real impact that our business choices have contributed to generate, let’s talk about numbers.
Since the launch of Eco+ to date, we have purchased and used as much as 130,000 kg of PEFC-certified wood flour, and thus from sustainably managed forests, to produce the handles, side knobs and knobs of the line. This meant we have safeguarded a considerable number of trees.
The use of rice husk, on the other hand, allowed us to give new life to waste. Since the launch of RiceUP! to date, no less than 50 tonnes of this material have been saved and transformed into something new, beautiful and useful in every person's daily life.
These figures show, on the one hand, the environmental relevance of the Eco+ and RiceUP! projects and, on the other, how the market was actually looking for solutions like those proposed by Sanmiro.

A path of research and development that continues in this perspective: we are ready to innovate again with revolutionary and green solutions in a sector that is very much tied to tradition.
For more information on Eco+ and RiceUP!, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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