Sanmiro strengthens its presence in Turkey

Three months ago Sanmiro, which has been present in Turkey since 2017, relocated to its new premises in Istanbul, moving to Europe's largest financial area, which is now nearing completion.

We are welcomed by a breathtaking view from the windows and by the manager, Mr. Halil Kibritoglu, for 10 years at Sanmiro's side.

Mr. Kibritoglu, who coordinates five employees and successfully manages Sanmiro Turkey, tells us about the stages of this path, made of continuous and unstoppable growth for the Italian company, the first in Europe to produce and market in Turkey.

"In the beginning it was a real bet. I used to work for a raw materials company and Sanmiro was one of our customers. I then became their agent for Turkey until we decided to found the company in 2017.".

Should we refer to Sanmiro Italy and Sanmiro Turkey as two different entities?

"Not exactly: in my opinion, it is more correct to speak of Sanmiro as a whole. Vision, goals, services and quality are the same. There is no difference in this. We work according to the same principles and methods of conception, design, production and relationship with our customers. This is a very ambitious challenge that we were able to overcome, however, thanks to the consolidation of a relationship that is not only professional.".

 No difference, then, apart from the name?

"Exactly, the company is one. The Turkish office has grown over time by acquiring, thanks to a constant dialogue with the Italian management and colleagues, the necessary skills, in all services, reaching the same level of quality.".

We can't but ask Daniele Valsecchi, at the head of Sanmiro: why Turkey?

"Turkey has always had enormous potential, not only from a commercial point of view, being a booming market, but also from the point of view of the availability of raw materials. I believe that, what started out as a bet, has already paid off. I am confident that, within a few years, Turkey will be able to hold its own against the big giants of the sector on the global scene, but with the added value of a great focus on quality. Our investment was worthwhile thanks also to the fruitful cooperation of a partner like Halil and his collaborators. In short, the potential of this country is very high and working together gives us great satisfaction.".

Italy is famous and renowned worldwide for its great attention to design. Mr. Kibritoglu, in this sense, how have you managed the collaboration with Italy, in order to foster the growth of the Turkish office?

"What made the difference was the development model adopted. We did not act following a mere logic of reduction of cost, which we all know is lower in some countries. Our model, in fact, has been focused, first and foremost, on growth in terms of skills and capabilities in all the services we are able to provide, from design to consulting, from the prototyping phase to production and customisation.".

So Sanmiro speaks the same language?

"Exactly: Sanmiro has an overall and global vision of what are the needs of an increasingly demanding and diversified market. Sanmiro is not just a contract manufacturer: Sanmiro is the ideal partner. The ideas of all our customers are not only developed and produced, but even improved. There is no idea or intuition that we are not able to bring to life thanks to a very thorough and complex process at every stage, following and helping our customers step by step, so that every single detail is fine-tuned effectively, safely and efficiently.".

Mr. Kibritoglu, how would you describe your experience with Sanmiro?

"I have had the pleasure and honour of working for Sanmiro for 10 years now. What can I say? I am happy about that, they were intense and beautiful years, both personally and professionally. It has been an enriching and challenging journey, that has given me the opportunity to grow and enhance my skills. This company still has room for growth, and I am confident that we will achieve all our goals.".

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