REACH conformity: Sanmiro ensures safety and quality

Keeping up to date, particularly with regard to our certifications and declarations of conformity, is a crucial issue for us and something we will never compromise.

For Sanmiro, boasting one or more certifications means always being able to offer a quality product and service, an objective feature that is recognised and therefore certified.

Our aim is to be able to satisfy our suppliers and customers on every occasion, thus guaranteeing maximum protection for our clients, and consequently for the end consumer.

For us, safety is not a matter of form, rather of substance!

It is a principle to which we have always been faithful, taking all necessary measures and processes to be able to guarantee it. No matter what!

Today more than ever we are convinced of our choices: even if it hasn’t been easy, these choices have enabled us to stand out in an increasingly competitive global market.

Today we want to talk about the REACH regulation, concerning the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals at European level.

Not being a producer of chemicals, Sanmiro is not obliged to obtain this certification. However, as user and processor, the company has to produce in accordance with this regulation.

For this reason, we provide all our customers and partners with the REACH declaration of conformity, and we are constantly checking and ensuring that the raw materials we purchase and use for the production of our cookware accessories do not contain SVHC substances (Substances of Very High Concern).

This approach, adopted systematically in our production processes, is a safeguard for our people working in the company.

Thanks to our competent and professional team, we can guarantee a quality, punctual and risk-free service for our customers.

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