From idea to design: every detail is Made in Sanmiro

"Define what the product will do before designing how it will do it", Alan Cooper.

A paradigm that, in our design office, has become almost a mantra, because for Sanmiro design is not something abstract. It is not pure aesthetics for its own sake: every detail is designed to obtain a precise result, with a purpose to be fulfilled.

When designing a new cookware accessory, our internal team starts from this prerogative. Our great experience in the sector, our knowledge of the market and our designers’ creative flair do the rest.

Having a dedicated design team thus becomes a real competitive advantage. Vertical skills, in-house prototyping, speed of response to any development issues: these are just some of the peculiarities we offer to customers who want to develop new models of handles. Features that make the difference in the quality and punctuality of the service we offer.

The rest is all in the details. Once the purpose of the new cookware accessory has been defined, design turns into “pure beauty”, styling, thus merging two prerogatives of Sanmiro products: functionality and style.

If you also want to create a design yet functional project for your new cookware line, contact us by filling out the form.

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