ECO+, PEFC product of the month.

The certification body has dedicated its very own newsletter to SANMIRO, the first company to be certified for PEFC Chain of Custody in 2022.
We are very proud to share this news, also considering our green line ECO+ is the product of the month, as you can read in THIS ARTICLE.
“This is a success on the international level, a winning bet for SANMIRO”: these are the words used to describe ECO+ on PEFC website.
When someone else appreciates your efforts, you can’t help but be glad!
PEFC confirms SANMIRO primacy as “the first company to have prioritised sustainability”.
Our ECO+, our NATURAL POWER, includes three lines of handles for cookware, and it is the first in the world to use a high percentage of PEFC certified wood, thus ensuring a sustainable product with a natural colouring, with no need of using surface coatings.
On top of that, our products are compliant with reference standard UNI 12983, which assesses safety in cookware.
This is a further acknowledgement for SANMIRO, a company that long ago started a journey made of experimentation and innovation towards sustainability.
We are more and more convinced we made the right choice, which is proving to be good for the Planet and good for the quality of our products.

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