Earth Day: sustainability according to Sanmiro

On 22 April, as every year, we celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day aims, on the one hand, to honour our planet and, on the other, to raise awareness about its preservation in order to promote increasingly sustainable actions.

Even before the UN adopted the 2030 Agenda, in Sanmiro, 10 years ago now, we felt the urge for greater environmental responsibility. We have thus adopted a new way of thinking and, above all, acting, making very clear and precise choices regarding the impact that our production should have from that moment onwards on the environment.

We put our words into practice and we installed two photovoltaic plants for the production of solar energy that, over the years, we have continued to develop and expand.

This is why we define ourselves “green by nature”: in order to respond to the growing awareness of consumers, increasingly attentive to the theme of sustainability, in the following years we began to design truly sustainable handles for cookware.

2020 was the turning point, when we launched Eco+, our PEFC certified line. This certification gives Eco+ the added value of protecting ecosystems and reducing the environmental impact, as it is produced with wood flour from sustainably managed forests.

Despite being the first in the industry to have thought of a sustainable line, we still wanted to do more. The idea of being able to create sustainable and at the same time attractive and functional products pushed us to look for new solutions.

The work of our R&D team allowed us to meet RiceHouse, a company operating in the construction sector with a peculiarity: the use of rice processing waste to... build houses!

Why not also try to make handles and knobs with rice husk? This is how Rice UP! was born: a mix of all-Italian creativity that meets the principle of the circular economy, a sustainable line that gives new life to a material which would otherwise be discarded.

Today, the path towards increasingly sustainable production for Sanmiro continues. We aim at developing increasingly innovative, sustainable solutions, without ever forgetting quality.

The idea of sharing our experience on such an important day as Earth Day, brings with it the hope of stimulating other ideas and choices that are equally good for our planet and that protect the environment. We hope Earth Day, in the future, may be a day of celebration and not a desperate appeal.

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